Friday, October 18, 2019

UEL Undergraduates Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

UEL Undergraduates Planning - Essay Example The society also benefits both directly and indirectly from these higher learning institutions. The direct benefits of the society come as a result of the existence of these institutions within the locality of the area surrounding the community. These benefits include community projects that can or may be fully funded by the institutions such as the construction of boreholes or water points, health faculties can also be accessed by the community members, the society also gains access to electricity by virtue of the existence of the higher learning institutions. Similarly, the community also benefits from access to good roads and telecommunication networks that are essential for transport and communication. The benefits to the society are very many hence outweigh the disadvantages. The indirect benefits that the society enjoys from the existence of these higher learning institutions are seen through many ways. Firstly, the institutions produce very productive and industrious individua ls with skills and knowledge that they will apply to stimulate economic growth in the society. This will also later provide employment opportunity to the society members and as a result, an improved standard of living is realized. Secondly, the literacy levels of the society are increased since the institution educates trains and equips the students with skills that are very important life. ... Â  The study was done on 40 students picked randomly within the school. The methods used to collect the data were mainly through the use of questionnaires and interviews. The methods were made to be interactive so as to get the information directly from the students. This was done so as to obtain accurate and efficient data from the study. The study would later help both the students and the university itself to improve their learning and the learning techniques respectively. This would be realized by analyzing the findings collected from the study and coming up with concrete solutions that would enable the students to learn effectively. Findings After taking a sample of forty students from various faculties in the institution by random sampling method, it was established that 40% of the students take 5 – 6 hours in their personal studies while 60% take under 5 hours on their personal studies. The majority of the students was found to allocate a few hours to their personal st udies due to the fact that during the daytime, they have to attend lectures that are in most cases spread across the day with break intervals to prepare for coming lectures or go for lunch. In the wee hours of the day, most students were established to concentrate more on their social welfare than creating more time for their personal studies. 40% of the sampled students who were found to spend more time in their personal studies were serious in pursuing successfully their faculties.

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