Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Theories in Movies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Theories in Movies - Essay Example In conjunction with the uncertainty reduction theory, these theories affirmed that their applications enabled greater understanding of what actually transpired among the characters. Likewise, through the application of these theories, effective understanding of the intended messages was ultimately achieved. The selected movie is ‘The Man without a Face’ (Gibson, 1993). One selected the Narrative Theory or the Narrative Paradigm as a means to draw three conclusions of its applicability in the movie. According to the narrative paradigm, â€Å"humans are storytelling animals. The Narrative Paradigm proposes a narrative logic to replace the traditional logic of argument. Narrative logic, or the logic of good reasons, suggests that people judge the credibility of speakers by whether their stories hang together clearly (coherence and whether their stories ring true (fidelity)† (McGraw Hill Companies, 2001, p. 1). The narrative theory was seen to be applicable in the movie through the perspective of the main character, Chuck Nordstadt. At the beginning of the movie, Chuck was viewed to be narrating an incident where he was apparently at the center of the parade being honored for all the positive performance he exhibited. Apparently, Chuck was only dreaming. This is the first example from the movie where the narrative theory was clearly applied. Secondly, another story was delivered by Chuck’s sister, Gloria, who told Chuck the real story behind Chuck’s father’s death. Again, the narrative theory was evident since the actual story of what happened to Chuck’s father apparently happened years ago and without the knowledge of Chuck. Chuck’s mother and sisters deliberately withheld the information from Chuck. When Chuck learned about it, he was devastated. As such, Chuck obviously did not believe Gloria and had to search for documents to confirm and verify the accuracy of the story. The example fits the description of

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