Saturday, February 8, 2020

Organizational Behavior & Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Organizational Behavior & Leadership - Essay Example The other feature is that these leaders promise rewards as a way of motivation for a desired performance (Schein, 2010). Contrary to transactional leadership, transformational leadership is proactive and always forms new expectations in surbodinates.Leaders also have good visioning abilty, manegement and rhetorical skills and develop strong bonds with the followers. These kinds of leaders inspire subordinates to work for goals going beyond self interest. On the other hand the level five leadership qualities which have been mainly exhibited by leader A includes, self confidence, humility and modesty and unwavering resolve in them. They directly participate in work and gives credit to others for their achievements. To them, success is not attributed to personal might but good luck (Schein, 2010). Leader B to a larger extent identifies with transactional style of leadership. He puts great focus on rewards for tasks successfully accomplished. The visioning aspect he portrays in his leadership style is an influence from the outgoing Chief Executive Office which he is likely to shade off when he takes over. One demerit to his kind of leadership to employees is that this type of leader may become unpredictable and instill fear of being held hostage for their actions. His subordinates feel less motivated to go beyond self interest.Surbodinates feel some sense of freedom when this leader is away and they fear taking up new challenges for fear of the consequences if at all they

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