Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Question: Discuss about theCritical Thinking and Problem Solving. Answer: Opinion on the Topic Knox and Van Oest (2014) describes that many people have the perception that customers are too demanding if they complain. However, from my experience I can say that if complaints are handled properly, it can be beneficial for the business. I think it is not possible for the managers to identify the faulty products with proper evidence and incidents occurring in the business and hence if customers complaints are welcome, not only the organizations aware of the faulty product but it provide the opportunity forservice recovery and improvements. I also think that listening to customers complaints would improve the inter-personal relationship with the customer, which will be difficult for the competitors to get to the existing customers and hence complaints should be treated like a gold mine for the betterment of the origination. Analysis of the Topic It is depicted from the give case study that the junior colleague is facing a hard time by listening what the customers says. However, I think that the junior colleague has to be trained properly for acknowledging customers complaint and must learn not to take the complaints personally. The person has to understand the whether the raised complaints is genuine and apologize for the inconvenience occurred and resolve the difficulty by offering a couple of alternative options thus follows a inductive reasoning approach. Image 1: Framework for Complaints Management System I strongly believe that all customers complaints are gold mines and their questions have to be handled in caring and concerned manner. The executive has to be put themselves in the same situation and apologize without blaming. If the complaints are not handled according to the framework, I think they will never get back to the organization, which will result in lower profitability for the origination. Reference Lists Knox, G. and Van Oest, R., 2014. Customer complaints and recovery effectiveness: A customer base approach.Journal of Marketing,78(5), pp.42-57. Bibliography Wagner, W., 2013. Managing customer complaints in distribution.International Journal of Physical Distribution Logistics Management. Yilmaz, C., Varnali, K. and Kasnakoglu, B.T., 2016. How do firms benefit from customer complaints?.Journal of Business Research,69(2), pp.944-955.

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