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The art history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The art history - Essay Example Arts are revolving but language is also evolving. This means that it exists in different definitions. It depends on the understanding of an individual. At some point, it is seen as a therapeutically process. It could be with corrective or treatment aim that involves painting. The process can be satisfying or frustrating for an individual depending on a person’s interest. The end product is the part that will produce an exhibition of the art. Therefore it can be considered as the process of creating in a secondary manner. It still does nit change that it is a non verbal form of communication that aims at stating the objective or purpose. This type of art is defined to produce certain changes in the personality of an individual. Aesthetics is a form of art that is connected to contemporary arts. Contemporary arts describe painting to posses two definitions which could be rated as inspirational (aesthetic) of craft. This means that it is an inspiration to create something beautif ul. All this should be stated behind the mind of an artistic personality. The real definition of aesthetics reveals that it is a form of philosophy that deals with beauty, taste and art. Appreciation and creation of beauty should also come along in the definition for it to be complete. Scholars in the field define it as critical definition of art and beauty that comprises f nature and culture. Aesthetics can be traced back to pre-historic arts that were done in ancient arts. Since then, it underwent a slow revolution. as it is considered the philosophy of art. Most artists in this field believed that beauty is a factor that should be disclosed as an inner sense hence a subjective fact. William Hogarth believed that it consists of many attributes including fitness of some of its part into the design system. By the beginning of the 18thcentury, art had a totally different meaning. It revolved around pursuing a skill that was directed to the aim of creating taste or a clear production of what is considered beautiful. This is the first time that taste and beauty are mentioned in association with art. Artists like Francoise Bouncher were part of bringing out the taste and elegance in art. By the 19th century, art was aimed at pleasing with beauty as the major object. The relevance in this is that the idea in the art is the center for what is shown in the piece of art. Avant Garde was the brain behind the idea of skills exhibited by an artist. According to him, these skills were for the purpose of providing moral and

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